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On The Street


and wanted to add my friend Lali’s recent find at Sundance this week….

the ephemera

Some shots of street art I took in Prague and Vienna.

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social networking?



 It’s easy to take overlook the cozy gratification of facebook or blog posting and smugly take ownership of it as benefit of modernity.  These one way statements about the mundane goings on in our lives are a daily habit for many, but before technology gave us that gratification, what did people do?

Our apartment in Barcelona was on the quaintly narrow Medieval era street of Carrer Petritxol in bustling Ciutat Vella.  This street is otherwise known as “the street with the gluttony of churros joints“.  But if you saw past the tourists, walked slower, and looked up, you’d see dozens of these fabulous tile paintings.  Their sayings seem to mirror modern captions to what is still going on in the street : “They were eating cream, roll, and chocolate” “From East and West, all day, people pass”, “So much is still new and romantic” and must have given someone that one-way social networking satisfaction that so many of us enjoy today.

If only there was a “Watch out for speeding mopeds”!

blech…another boring hotel


Sometimes you get stuck with a hotel for work that is just plain blah.  Here’s some tips on how to make your temporary space a bit more bearable for that extended stay.

1. Bring your own comforter/duvet cover and pillows.  This works wonders to changing the feel of the room, not to mention the smell.

2. Buy a vase and some flowers

3. Get rid of the hotel-y stuff, ie put the menus, advertisements, etc in a drawer

4. Ask the hotel to clear some of the furniture or window coverings, most will do it for free when they are dealing with a group.

5. And my favorite, especially when stuck in one of those 2 story hotels in the middle of nowhere with a fabulous view of a parking lot or that family friendly pool.  Order some over the top gorgeous privacy window film.  These ones from Trove make the stay at one of these places almost relaxing!

Some people have a travel gnome, I have my Maxwell


Film people are ALWAYS travelling.  And if you have a child, that precious one oftens comes along for the ride.  In the US, I was always defending my reasons for taking him out of his normal day to day and guilt would start fermenting inside me.  But after travelling Europe for 8 months and meeting similarly minded parents, I have to say that I feel lucky for giving him this gift of travel.  Maxwell has lived in Paris, Barcelona, California, and Louisiana.  My dear friend’s son, Gomez, has been homeschooled throughout New Zealand and Europe with a wonderful group of International crew member’s children while she worked on the Narnia films.  The two boys have developed kinships with children from wonderfully different places like Iceland, England, Malaysia, and Dubai.  I can’t help but think that this will give them a sense of belonging beyond the borders of their usual neighborhoods.

Lately Lily is a heartwarming site about a wonderfully vagabond child.

travel hungry, yet on a money diet?


When you travel so often for work, you tend to be unattached to your things and learn to enjoy travel.  So if you’re a freelancer, have vacation time, or happily unemployed, sites like AirBnB are fabulous at listing your own pad and finding great deals on another.  We actually saved money when we rented in Barcelona vs. staying home!  (Hint: email the owner if you plan on staying for an extended period, chances are they’ll offer a good deal)

itchy, allbeit platformed, feet


One side effect of this profession is ITCHY FEET SYNDROME.  I travelled so extensively for work that I didn’t even bother with an apartment for 2 years since I was always living in hotels, one job got me enough rewards points with Marriott to go on vacation to Hawaii for 2 weeks (which I couldn’t do since another movie came up), and quite pathetically, I spent my honeymoon in South Africa so I could do fittings for a movie there.   I have also just come back from 8 months in Europe, you’d think this Travel Bug was out of my system by now?!


I am currently having a tragically serious case of IFS and watching House Hunters International isn’t helping my situation! I have my eye on a Trullo in Puglia, Italy!  Fantastico!!!

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