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who tall are you…yup, “who”


another common question I get is , “so how tall is _____”…and when told, they are always shockingly surprised that some actor is not Adonis or Apollonia type in stature.

Here’s the perfect solution from Suck UK for reminding ourselves that “they ain’t all that”.


how to look ethereal AND modern

chloe2a Karmen Pedaru & Kate King for Chloe Spring 2012 Campaign by Glen Luchford
Chloe on FashionGoneRogue

Modern and ethereal are often antithetical concepts.  But these beautiful images (via a great collaboration between photographer Glen Luchford and creative director Clare Waight Keller) are a perfect marriage of the two.

DIY Box Braid Necklace – Honestly WTF


wanna know what’s on every film set in America…some crew member or actor knitting!

Now, a fashionable gal can only wear so many knitted scarves, especially in LA.

This DIY offering from Honestly WTF takes the homemade craft to another, infinitely more fashionable, level!
here’s complete instructions, have fun!…DIY Box Braid Necklace – Honestly WTF.

a favorite from Honestly WTF

The Power Stylists of Hollywood- NY Times


The Power Stylists of Hollywood– NYTimes.com

While a Costume Designer and Stylist are far from being the same thing, this article pretty much sums up some of the influence, determination, and talent that exists within the world of the Wardrobe Department.

The silent influence of Costume Designers goes beyond glamorous events and red carpets.  Sharen Davis (The Help) and Mary Zophres (True Grit) are two of my favorite Costume Designers.  It takes a talented hand to be realistic, period correct, yet persuasively influence the modern public’s tastes on sillhouettes and prints.

True Grit and Stella McCartney S/S2011

The Help and runway florals and necklines

I’ve been working on my Thread Guild concept which brings this talent to the public and now really seems to be the perfect storm to make it happen!