Some people have a travel gnome, I have my Maxwell


Film people are ALWAYS travelling.  And if you have a child, that precious one oftens comes along for the ride.  In the US, I was always defending my reasons for taking him out of his normal day to day and guilt would start fermenting inside me.  But after travelling Europe for 8 months and meeting similarly minded parents, I have to say that I feel lucky for giving him this gift of travel.  Maxwell has lived in Paris, Barcelona, California, and Louisiana.  My dear friend’s son, Gomez, has been homeschooled throughout New Zealand and Europe with a wonderful group of International crew member’s children while she worked on the Narnia films.  The two boys have developed kinships with children from wonderfully different places like Iceland, England, Malaysia, and Dubai.  I can’t help but think that this will give them a sense of belonging beyond the borders of their usual neighborhoods.

Lately Lily is a heartwarming site about a wonderfully vagabond child.


yet another blog?…why oh why?


Costumers/Costume Designers/Wardrobe Mistresses/Runs with Scissors Department, whichever name you like to refer to us, we lead a Surreal Life.  We are the ones who see famous actors in their underwear, the ones who shop 100 hours a week for months, the ones who often spend months and months living/working in foreign lands.  Needless to say, we have unique perspectives on almost everything imaginable.

I will write, maybe someone out there will want to read….xoxo The Wardrobe Malfunction