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Oscar NOD and Oscar NOT USUAL


The recent Oscar nominations for Costume Design found me so happy to see a name beyond the usual nominees. Of course, Arianne Phillips designs (nominated for W.E. and previously for Walk the Line) are always beautiful and exciting, and Sandy Powell’s nomination (now totalling 10) was, and is always, equally well deserved. But given that they are, respectively, Madonna’s or Martin Scorcese’s go to gal, they have habitual opportunities to design beautifully, and most probably a certain amount of freedom.
But this year’s nominations were overshadowed by an unlikely contender.   The Artist has garnered 10 Academy nods including a Costume Design nomination earned by upstart Mark Bridges. Most Costume Designers are relegated to the arena of contemporary design (no Oscar possible), yet in reality it takes a true talent to stand proudly, and beatifully, in the world of the real and oft mundane. His talent was evident long ago, esp in The Fighter.  He’s a laugh to work with and dedicated to good costume design even in the most mundane films. Im happy to see a career changing nomination on his plate.

Here’s a wonderful interview with Mark Bridges on Frocktalk.


who tall are you…yup, “who”


another common question I get is , “so how tall is _____”…and when told, they are always shockingly surprised that some actor is not Adonis or Apollonia type in stature.

Here’s the perfect solution from Suck UK for reminding ourselves that “they ain’t all that”.

The Power Stylists of Hollywood- NY Times


The Power Stylists of Hollywood– NYTimes.com

While a Costume Designer and Stylist are far from being the same thing, this article pretty much sums up some of the influence, determination, and talent that exists within the world of the Wardrobe Department.

The silent influence of Costume Designers goes beyond glamorous events and red carpets.  Sharen Davis (The Help) and Mary Zophres (True Grit) are two of my favorite Costume Designers.  It takes a talented hand to be realistic, period correct, yet persuasively influence the modern public’s tastes on sillhouettes and prints.

True Grit and Stella McCartney S/S2011

The Help and runway florals and necklines

I’ve been working on my Thread Guild concept which brings this talent to the public and now really seems to be the perfect storm to make it happen!

Some people have a travel gnome, I have my Maxwell


Film people are ALWAYS travelling.  And if you have a child, that precious one oftens comes along for the ride.  In the US, I was always defending my reasons for taking him out of his normal day to day and guilt would start fermenting inside me.  But after travelling Europe for 8 months and meeting similarly minded parents, I have to say that I feel lucky for giving him this gift of travel.  Maxwell has lived in Paris, Barcelona, California, and Louisiana.  My dear friend’s son, Gomez, has been homeschooled throughout New Zealand and Europe with a wonderful group of International crew member’s children while she worked on the Narnia films.  The two boys have developed kinships with children from wonderfully different places like Iceland, England, Malaysia, and Dubai.  I can’t help but think that this will give them a sense of belonging beyond the borders of their usual neighborhoods.

Lately Lily is a heartwarming site about a wonderfully vagabond child.

itchy, allbeit platformed, feet


One side effect of this profession is ITCHY FEET SYNDROME.  I travelled so extensively for work that I didn’t even bother with an apartment for 2 years since I was always living in hotels, one job got me enough rewards points with Marriott to go on vacation to Hawaii for 2 weeks (which I couldn’t do since another movie came up), and quite pathetically, I spent my honeymoon in South Africa so I could do fittings for a movie there.   I have also just come back from 8 months in Europe, you’d think this Travel Bug was out of my system by now?!


I am currently having a tragically serious case of IFS and watching House Hunters International isn’t helping my situation! I have my eye on a Trullo in Puglia, Italy!  Fantastico!!!

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