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Tearsheets and Kids Art?


From my son’s artwork, to tear sheets of the new Spring collections, to snapshots of the world around us, how do you marry all the visuals that inspire, or otherwise just make us happy?

ALAS!  Inspiration from illustrator and designer Timothy Goodman….I’m frantically searching for a permanent marker!

Thanks Timothy Goodman and the Ace Hotel



4 Rooms and the Moon

Addendum: Since I published this post about this little book,” The Tally Keeper’s Folly,”  it has somehow attracted enough attention to be invited to participate in the April is National Poetry Month.  To celebrate the gift of written word and the beauty of handmade books, the Illahe Gallery in Ashland, Or. . The Illahe Studio and Galleryis staging an exhibit of artist’s books of every size and type!  “The Tally Keeper’s Folly” will be there with the best of them!  April 6-28.  It will be a wonderful exhibit if you love handmade books.  Posted Sunday February 12, 1012 at 12-midnight.  Can you tell I am a little bit excited!

Front of Book

The Tally Keeper’s Folly – Imaginary People I Know

Oil pastel, watercolor, gouache, collage on muslin 5 x 7 inches

This is a handmade muslin book created by Lynne Hoppe, which I won in a give-a-way.  I’ve been saving…

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We So Thrifty

Anything I can buy at the mall, I can get at a thrift store. But that’s old news. Thrifting is the best because I find things I can’t buy at the mall, things I can’t find online, things I couldn’t otherwise afford, and things I’d never even think to look for. That’s the funnest part about the hunt. And this week, I bagged on of my best (and maybe favourite?) thrifty finds EVER. Two words:


Yup. I thrifted a Betsey this week! Now before I go ahead and reveal my steal, I’m going to tell you a bit about my girl Betsey – Chick is crazy.

For real – you will be hard-pressed to find another living designer as zany as our Bestey. She’s tacky, she’s trashy, she’s punk rock – and, almost unexpectedly, she makes beautiful clothing that transcends all the gimmicks and the glitter. If you want to…

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I hope these actors remember the Costume Designers who help create their character before they even act….

The Marquee Blog

The 18th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards honored first-time and sixth-time winners alike on Sunday night.

Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis received SAG awards for their supporting and leading roles, respectively, in “The Help,” which also took home the award for outstanding cast in a motion picture.

Meanwhile, ABC sitcom “Modern Family” accepted its second Actor for outstanding performance by an ensemble, as did HBO’s hit drama, “Boardwalk Empire.”

Here’s the full list of winners:

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Life and Laughter

I spend a LOT of time writing. Whether it’s my Life and Laughter column, an article for a magazine or newspaper, a press release or this witty blog, I’m ALWAYS trying to come up with interesting topics, fun words, brilliant sentences, blah, blah, blah. But there are SOME days (I call them “weekdays”) when my brain doesn’t engage and I stare stupidly at my computer screen, watching that irritating cursor blink in my general direction. Mocking me.

Writer’s Block.  For some reason, the voices in my head have gone silent.

So I type anything. Lalalalalalalalalalalalala. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Peri is cool. I want chocolate. Must quit my writing job. Goats are people, too. This grapefruit is fascinating. Etc, etc, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.

Doesn’t usually help.

But I’ve found some things that will get those creative writing juices flowing again:

#1: Wallow in self-pity. This is the point where I admit I’ve been a writing fraud my entire life and I…

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Oscar NOD and Oscar NOT USUAL


The recent Oscar nominations for Costume Design found me so happy to see a name beyond the usual nominees. Of course, Arianne Phillips designs (nominated for W.E. and previously for Walk the Line) are always beautiful and exciting, and Sandy Powell’s nomination (now totalling 10) was, and is always, equally well deserved. But given that they are, respectively, Madonna’s or Martin Scorcese’s go to gal, they have habitual opportunities to design beautifully, and most probably a certain amount of freedom.
But this year’s nominations were overshadowed by an unlikely contender.   The Artist has garnered 10 Academy nods including a Costume Design nomination earned by upstart Mark Bridges. Most Costume Designers are relegated to the arena of contemporary design (no Oscar possible), yet in reality it takes a true talent to stand proudly, and beatifully, in the world of the real and oft mundane. His talent was evident long ago, esp in The Fighter.  He’s a laugh to work with and dedicated to good costume design even in the most mundane films. Im happy to see a career changing nomination on his plate.

Here’s a wonderful interview with Mark Bridges on Frocktalk.