Costumers/Costume Designers/Wardrobe Mistresses/Runs with Scissors Department, whichever name you like to call it, costumers lead a Surreal Life. They are the ones who see famous actors in their underwear, the ones who shop 100 hours a week for months, the ones who often spend months and months living/working in foreign lands. Despite the seemingly glamorous life, they have unique and skewed perspectives on almost everything imaginable.

I’m hoping this blog becomes an easy going venue to talk about what inspires, drives, and consumes my friends from the wardrobe department.

I’ve worked for 15 years in the Wonderfully Wacky World of film, am married to a Wonderfully Wacky guy named John Smith, and best of all, am Mama to a Wonderfully Wacky boy named Maxwell.  I owned a boutique…I now live in Philadelphia.

In general, I try to live life as a good story to tell….so might as well tell it.


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