social networking?



 It’s easy to take overlook the cozy gratification of facebook or blog posting and smugly take ownership of it as benefit of modernity.  These one way statements about the mundane goings on in our lives are a daily habit for many, but before technology gave us that gratification, what did people do?

Our apartment in Barcelona was on the quaintly narrow Medieval era street of Carrer Petritxol in bustling Ciutat Vella.  This street is otherwise known as “the street with the gluttony of churros joints“.  But if you saw past the tourists, walked slower, and looked up, you’d see dozens of these fabulous tile paintings.  Their sayings seem to mirror modern captions to what is still going on in the street : “They were eating cream, roll, and chocolate” “From East and West, all day, people pass”, “So much is still new and romantic” and must have given someone that one-way social networking satisfaction that so many of us enjoy today.

If only there was a “Watch out for speeding mopeds”!


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