blech…another boring hotel


Sometimes you get stuck with a hotel for work that is just plain blah.  Here’s some tips on how to make your temporary space a bit more bearable for that extended stay.

1. Bring your own comforter/duvet cover and pillows.  This works wonders to changing the feel of the room, not to mention the smell.

2. Buy a vase and some flowers

3. Get rid of the hotel-y stuff, ie put the menus, advertisements, etc in a drawer

4. Ask the hotel to clear some of the furniture or window coverings, most will do it for free when they are dealing with a group.

5. And my favorite, especially when stuck in one of those 2 story hotels in the middle of nowhere with a fabulous view of a parking lot or that family friendly pool.  Order some over the top gorgeous privacy window film.  These ones from Trove make the stay at one of these places almost relaxing!


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