itchy, allbeit platformed, feet


One side effect of this profession is ITCHY FEET SYNDROME.  I travelled so extensively for work that I didn’t even bother with an apartment for 2 years since I was always living in hotels, one job got me enough rewards points with Marriott to go on vacation to Hawaii for 2 weeks (which I couldn’t do since another movie came up), and quite pathetically, I spent my honeymoon in South Africa so I could do fittings for a movie there.   I have also just come back from 8 months in Europe, you’d think this Travel Bug was out of my system by now?!


I am currently having a tragically serious case of IFS and watching House Hunters International isn’t helping my situation! I have my eye on a Trullo in Puglia, Italy!  Fantastico!!!

by Homes&Property


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